Critical and biographical information on Henry Reed, World War II British poet, critic, translator, and radio dramatist — author of "Naming of Parts"
The poet Henry Reed The Poetry of Henry Reed
Audio and video for the poetry of Henry Reed (and pictures):

Listen to Henry Reed (narration) and Frank Duncan (as the sergeant-instructor) reading The Complete Lessons of the War on the BBC's Third Programme (broadcast 14 February, 1966). Read the text of the poems.

Introduction (.mp3)

"Naming of Parts" (.mp3)

"Judging Distances" (.mp3)

"Movement of Bodies" (.mp3)

"Unarmed Combat" (.mp3)

"Returning of Issue" (.mp3)

B.B.C. audio courtesy of Mike Sykes


Watch "Naming of Parts" (1971), a film by Robert Bloomberg based on the poem by Henry Reed:

Film still

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Henry Reed reading "Naming of Parts," and "Judging Distances" (.mp3s), from Oscar Williams' 1959 audio anthology, An Album of Modern Poetry: An Anthology Read by the Poets.

Hear poet Robert Pinsky recite Reed's "Naming of Parts" (.mp3)

Listen to a recording of Dylan Thomas reading Reed's "Chard Whitlow" or "Naming of Parts" (.mp3s)

T.S. Eliot reads his poem, "Burnt Norton" (.mp3), partly the inspiration for Reed's "Chard Whitlow."

See photographs of the poet Henry Reed:


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View an interactive map of the life and times of Henry Reed:


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