Call Me, Blondie


Debbie Harry at CBGB


Debbie Harry Debbie Harry

listen to me when I tell you

baby, you really straighten out my joint

I mean, you are the duly-appointed

queen-bitch alien

ambassador of punk

and French is your official language

I mean, Debbie


Debbie Harry, when you slip out of English

and do dépêche-toi, dépêche-toi et attend

it's like I can hear you changing clothes

in the front seat of your no-shit

powder blue Cadillac convertible

and there's no secrets lost between me

and your Calvin Klein jeans


Debbie Harry Debbie Harry

a thousand times: Debbie Harry

Andy Warhol's 25 Multicolored Debbies8-Tracks from punk rock and new wave

wearing peach flavored lipstick

over their eyes and their pursed, rapturous lips

black as Jackie O sunglasses

singing songs on 8-Track and blowing kisses


Debbie, Debbie Harry

when I tell you listen to me

girl, you really mix me up like middle school

I mean Debbie, Debbie Harry

you sing about love

like a warning, like The Omen

like Iron Eyes Cody crying at highways


Debbie Harry Debbie Harry

I wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating

I mean, when your voice rises from the synthesized

silk sheets of "Call Me" like a tube-topped

polyester phoenix you deliver me like Fed Ex,

and if you would have me, Debbie Harry

you could live forever like Shirley Temple Black

in the palace of the Velvet Revolution.



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