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Henry Reed Henry Reed
Henry Reed Henry Reed
Henry Reed, ca. 1960



I Capture the Castle: A girl and her family struggle to make ends meet in an old English castle.
Dusty Answer: Young, privileged, earnest Judith falls in love with the family next door.
The Heat of the Day: In wartime London, a woman finds herself caught between two men.




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And Death Shall Have No Dominion (In My Pants)

This is my favorite thing in a long, long while. Hostess Tricia of the always-saucy Emperor of Ice-Cream Cakes points out that the titles of Dylan Thomas' poems are

ideal for that game where you add the phrase 'in my pants' to the end of a sentence. "Do You Not Father Me (In My Pants)," "Incarnate Devil (In My Pants)," "From Love's First Fever to Her Plague (In My Pants)." The force that through the green fuse drives the flower in my pants!

That's better than singing any of Emily Dickinson's poems to the tune of the theme from "Gilligan's Island."

Go check out Tricia's "First Ever Inaugural Dylan Thomas + Crazy Dick Weeklong Interpretive Extravaganza" pictorial, only just ended (NSFW):

Chaste and the Chaser, Man With the Cockshut Eye

Into the Weathercocks' Molten Mouths

She Who Was Who I Hold, the Fats and the Flower

The Knobbly Ape that Swings Along His Sex

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What is Henry Reed's first name?

1530. Radio Times. Billing for "The Book of My Childhood." 19 January 1951, 32.
Scheduled on BBC Midland from 8:15-8:30, an autobiographical(?) programme from Henry Reed.

1st lesson:

Reed, Henry (1914-1986). Born: Birmingham, England, 22 February 1914; died: London, 8 December 1986.

Education: MA, University of Birmingham, 1936. Served: RAOC, 1941-42; Foreign Office, Bletchley Park, 1942-1945. Freelance writer: BBC Features Department, 1945-1980.

Author of: A Map of Verona: Poems (1946)
The Novel Since 1939 (1946)
Moby Dick: A Play for Radio from Herman Melville's Novel (1947)
Lessons of the War (1970)
Hilda Tablet and Others: Four Pieces for Radio (1971)
The Streets of Pompeii and Other Plays for Radio (1971)
Collected Poems (1991, 2007)
The Auction Sale (2006)



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